Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data

Name                                       Jerry Shearing   NDD, Central School Diploma


Nationality                              British

Marital Status                         Married


                                                  Firle Cottage

                                                  The Street

                                                  Firle near Lewes

                                                  BN8 6NS

Telephone                               01273 858747

Mobile                                     07710 428171

Email Address          




Educated at Eastbourne College Prep School and Eastbourne College               1953-59


Art and Design Training

Studied architecture at Brighton College of Art                                                       1959-60

Foundation art at Eastbourne School of Art                                                             1960-61

Studied illustration, printmaking and painting at

The Central School of Arts and Crafts                                                                        1961-65



Worked in London as a freelance illustrator                                                            1965-66

In-house illustrator: Astral Marketing, London                                                        1965-66

Creative Designer at provincial advertising agency                                                 1966-67

Design manager: Richard Lonsdale-Hands                                                               1967-68

Design Manager: Allied International Designers (now Design Bridge)                 1968-70

Creative designer & account manager at provincial advertising agency             1971-72

Founded Creative Design Workshop ( Later the CDW Partnership)                     1973-1990

Co-founded Prisma Audio Visual in Sussex and Umbrella Studios in London    1982 - 1986

Founded Shearing and Partners                                                                                 1990 - 1993

Founded 48 Fitzroy in Fitzrovia, London (with an international client base)       1993 -2009

Moved to France to work as a full time fine artist                                                    2008 -2013

Returned to Firle to work as a full time landscape artist                                        2013

Established studio in South West France with Andrea Shearing                            2015



National Diploma in Design                                                                                         1965

Central School Diploma                                                                                                1965

Member of Chartered Society of Designers – MCSD                                               1988

Awarded Registration with Design Council                                                               1991

Light Space Time Online Competition: Seascape - Special Merit  Artist               2018

Online Galleries

Awarded an online Residency : Coastal Duet with my wife Andrea Shearing     2019



Drawings of Sussex windmills for article published by Sussex Life                     1964

Battle Arts Festival                                                                                                       1964

Private mural commission: Bexhill, Sussex                                                             1964

Covent Garden Drawing  purchased by Holborn Library, London                      1965

Battle Arts Festival                                                                                                       1965

Student Exhibition, Lewes                                                                                          1965

Battle Arts Festival                                                                                                       1966

Commission: Mural– Harrow, London                                                                      2012

Art Wave                                                                                                                        2013

Art Wave                                                                                                                        2014

Pelham House Hotel, Lewes  – group exhibition                                                    2015

‘Art in May’  – group exhibition                                                                                  2015

Art Wave                                                                                                                        2015

Cambridge Open Studios – joint exhibition with Andrea Shearing                     2015

Christmas Exhibition –  7 members of the Shearing family                                  2016

Commission: Paintings for Vin Quatre, Bergerac                                                   2016

Art Wave                                                                                                                        2016

Commission: Mural for St Mary’s Church, Glynde                                                  2017

‘Urban and Rural Landscapes’  - group exhibition  Brick Lane Gallery, London 2017

Art Wave  - One Man Exhibition                                       August / September       2017

Murmurations Gallery Winter Open                                                                          2017

Flux Exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts           ,London                                          2018

GZ ‘Unusual’ Greenwich, London                                                                               2018

Artizan Gallery, Torquay, Devon     First World War                                                 2018

Artizan Gallery, Torquay, Devon    Winter Open                                                       2018

Flux Exhibition, The National Army Museum, Chelsea, London                           2019

Artizan Gallery, Torquay, Devon    Coastal Resonances joint exhibition              2019

Cambridge Open Studio                                                                                              2019

Art Wave, East Sussex                                                                                                  2019

Art Number 23, London     'Synergic'                                                                         2019

Direct Art Action   Landscaoe                                                                                     2019

Frisco Gallery,, Vibrant, , Texas, USA                                                                          2019

Fusion: Artize Gallery, Palm Springs, USA                                                                 2020

Art Fairs

East Art Fair                                                                                                                    2017

Oxford International Art Fair                                                                                       2018

Talented Art Fair London                                                                                             2018

Basel Art Fair, Switzerland                                                                                           2018

Chester Art Fair                                                                                                              2018

Chester Art Fair                                                                                                              2019

Brighton Art Fair                                                                                                             2019


Wotisart Art Magazine                                                                                                  2106